Hi, I'm Amelia

I’m hooked on a simple but revolutionary idea: you can be madly in love with your career.

For almost a decade, my overachieving, all-or-nothing, perfectionist brain believed I couldn’t be happy at work and create the success I wanted in my career. From the outside, it looked like I was doing everything 'right' – I traveled the world consulting for Fortune 500 companies, got an Ivy League MBA and worked at one of the top investment banks on Wall Street.

But when it came to how I felt about my relationship with my career, ‘LOVE’ was a 4-letter word.


My Own Career Mindset BS

The entire time, I believed that excelling in my career meant working more to prove my value, overthinking everything I did to make sure it was ‘perfect’ and trying to do it all to make sure everyone else was happy.

  • I believed it wasn’t possible to love my job and make the money I wanted.
  • I accepted a life controlled by my inbox as ‘part of the deal.’
  • I told myself bad days were inevitable because of last-minute requests and late-night fire drills.
  • I felt terrified trying to make the ‘right’ decision about my next career move.

To transform my relationship with my career, I needed to transform how I thought about my job and what was possible for my future.


Becoming the Boss of My Brain

Falling madly in love with my career became possible the moment I decided to change my career mindset – meaning, how I thought about my job and my future. By learning how to manage my mind and emotions at work, I learned how to put myself back in control of creating a career I loved and the success I wanted.

  • I chose to believe it was possible to love my job and make the money I wanted...
    And I fell madly in love with my career.
  • I decided my time was valuable and learned to set boundaries...
    And I took back control of my life from my inbox.
  • I dropped the BS thinking that bad days were beyond my control…
    And I took responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings at work.
  • I learned to trust myself instead of needing others’ approval…
    And I created a career and life that’s aligned with my values and own definition of success.

A career and life you’re madly in love with is available to you, too.
Let’s talk about how to reboot your career mindset today.