Client Success

Sherie Z.

Consulting, Healthcare & Life Sciences

“The way I felt about work wasn’t sustainable, and I needed to make a change.”

I was working on multiple demanding projects with long hours, had constantly low energy and felt like I had “lost my spark.”


Investing in myself and my growth through coaching with Amelia has fundamentally changed how I think and feel about my career. I’ve learned how to shift my mindset to feel more confident making decisions for my team and feel empowered and excited at work.


Coaching with Amelia is like talking to your most level-headed, non-judgmental friend who believes in you 100%, wants the best for you and isn’t afraid to give you the tough love you need to get you there.

Kate B.

Finance, Impact Investing & Environmental Justice

“I can go after whatever I want, and I know how to make it happen.”

I wanted a total life transformation; I was in the middle of figuring out what I do, how I live, who I am.


I was in a career ladder job I had worked hard for but hated, and I knew it was time to step back, seriously invest in thinking about the person I was becoming, and shape her into the person I want and need to be. Coaching helped me leave a toxic job, canvas new opportunities with a positive mindset, and put my best into the interviews that came rolling in as a result.


Amelia is an amazing force who goes all-in on your growth to get you to your truest goals. Coaching with Amelia showed me that I’m super powerful. What I say and think, goes – I am free to dream whatever I want and know how to make it happen.

Krista S.

Project Management, Technology

“I’m more in control of my happiness than I ever realized.”

I felt exhausted and frustrated by the people and the pressure to perform at work, and it was putting a strain on other areas of my life. I thought it was a lost cause and I didn’t have a choice because this was just the way things were going to be.


Coaching showed me I’m not powerless to what’s going on around me; in fact, I’m more in control than I ever realized. Now I’m lighter, more prepared to handle whatever comes my way, and completely in control over my life and happiness.


Amelia creates a judgment-free space to share your hopes and goals and knows how to inspire and guide you to get there. The level of thoughtfulness Amelia puts into the coaching relationship meant I felt fully understood and supported in what I needed for my own personal transformation and growth.

Anisha D.

Consulting, Financial Services

“I was struggling to find my confidence and happiness at work.”

I'd been a type A player in my previous role but starting a career in a whole new industry and firm left me feeling lost, lacking confidence and feeling angry.


Coaching with Amelia helped me reframe my way of thinking about work. I was drowning in negativity, and she helped me establish mental tools that turned around my thought process towards my career. Without Amelia I don't think I would have been able gain confidence and excel in a job where I thought I would barely survive.


The #1 thing that makes Amelia amazing is that she has been there and understands exactly what we are going through. She has a level head and gives you the tough love – she helps you, guides you, but lets you build your own mental strength. I couldn't recommend Amelia more.

Jen N.

People Management, Technology

“I was feeling stuck in my corporate job for years.”

I had been unhappy at my job for years and needed to make a change.


Coaching with Amelia helped me see just how much power I had over my experience at work. She helped me see exactly what I had control over in my life and how I could impact it in ways I hadn't considered before.


Now, I’m excited and motivated to tackle my work days, connect with my colleagues, and make an impact at my organization.


Amelia is a total professional at getting to the heart of matters. Without her guidance, I know I would still be consumed by my frustration.

Bruce S.

Founder, Health & Wellness

“I now see that what I’m capable of achieving is limitless.”

I had just left my corporate job to launch my own business and was struggling with self-doubt and what I was capable of creating for myself.


Amelia helped me see and break up ways of thinking that were holding me back, which I didn’t even know existed. The most powerful transformation I’ve had has been to realize more of my potential and what I am capable of and to genuinely enjoy the process of starting and growing a new business.


Amelia coaching puts you completely at ease – she’s kind but direct and pushes you to give you the opportunity to see yourself from a different perspective. If you are looking for someone to learn about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential, look no further than Amelia.

Katie M.

Physician & Founder, Health & Wellness

“I’ve crafted a new vision and plan to get what I truly want.”

I met Amelia through a coaching program and could tell right away that she was the real deal.  She is so professional and passionate about helping people with their careers. 


Through my coaching with her, time and time again Amelia has revealed to me the undesired outcomes I made happen in my life.  Her friendly, calm, and gentle demeanor are just what I needed to uncover how I was truly feeling, and what that was creating for me (which most often is at odds with what I truly want). 


With her coaching, I have been able to completely change my mindset and achieve things I never would have dreamed I was capable of before.  I am now making huge strides in my business and have been able to overcome the mental hurdles that I was needlessly putting up in my path. 


I love coaching with Amelia.  Everyone I talk about coaching with ends up getting a referral to Amelia from me!