Ready to Fall Madly in Love with Your Career?

Master the clear and confident career mindset you need to upgrade your relationship with your job and create the success you want.

Ready to Fall Madly in Love with Your Career?

Master the clear and confident career mindset you need to upgrade your relationship with your job and create the success you want.

Career & Mindset Coaching for Your Best Future

You’re just one thought away from a career you love

Most wildly ambitious minds have been conditioned to believe we can’t have the success we want and be madly in love with our career. We’ve been sold the myth that ‘success’ must feel hard and only looks a certain way. So, of course we overachieve, overanalyze and overwhelm ourselves at work on our way to the top.

  • We believe ‘grinding it out’ means proving our worth.
  • We don’t say “no” to our teams because we worry what they’ll think.
  • We overload ourselves to feel more in control of our wins.
  • We overthink way too damn much about making the ‘right’ decision for our future

It’s exhausting, but we believe we don’t have a choice. And we’re so busy firing off those late-night emails that we haven’t stopped to ask ourselves how we want to feel at work or what we truly want for our career.


Mentally freeing yourself from the rat race and creating a successful career you’re madly in love with is possible – and it all starts with how you think.


Meet Your Living Proof

Achieving the sanity & success you’re looking for is possible

You deserve to be madly in love with your career and achieve the success you want. I can help.

Take it from someone who’s been there. I spent nearly a decade grinding it out consulting for Fortune 500 companies and working on Wall Street. Then, I learned it wasn’t my job making me feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled and unsure of what I wanted next. It was my career mindset.

Now, I’m a career and mindset coach who helps free other wildly ambitious minds from the mental rat race – so you can feel clear, calm and 100% confident in your career and your future.

My Mission

I help wildly ambitious minds fall madly in love with their career + create the success they want.

Upgrade Your Relationship with Your Career

The only thing keeping you from a career you’re madly in love with is your career mindset. Together, we use powerful and proven frameworks, tools and strategies to bridge the mental gap between your career mindset right now and your best future at work in 3 simple steps.


Get Clear Now

Your current career mindset got you where you are now (but it can’t get you to what you want next).

We start with deep foundational mindset work to get clear on how the way you think and feel about your career creates your experiences at work today. Then, we explore and define a new career mindset that aligns with your values and vision of a successful future.


Own Your Power

You are in control of how you think and feel about your career.

Next, we tap into your own power by showing you how to manage your thoughts and feelings at work to create the career you want. We expand how you think about your future from what is right now to what is possible.


Make it Happen

Your career mindset has the power to change your entire future. 

Developing a new career mindset is like developing a new muscle – it takes commitment and repetition. So we practice intentionally thinking, feeling and making decisions from this new place. By empowering you with the right mental tools and frameworks, you’re able to re-imagine what's possible for your career and know exactly how to make it happen for you.