We’re Not Here to Update Your Resume

We’re here to upgrade your relationship with your career

Career and mindset coaching is powerful. It’s a little like getting your Master’s degree in your own human behavior. You learn how your mind works and how your thinking creates the way you feel, make decisions, act and – ultimately – get results at work.

As a 1:1 career and mindset coach, it’s my job to reveal how you are really thinking and feeling about your career today. I point out blind spots and question the BS stories your brain wants you to believe that actually are holding you back from getting what you want. By seeing how your mind works, you learn how to trust yourself making decisions as you re-imagine what’s possible for your future and confidently navigate your career.

Knowing you’re in control of creating the career and future you want is empowering. It’s transformative. But most of all – it’s really damn fun.

Ready to do this?


Career & Mindset Coaching: What’s Included

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Unlimited 15-minute “spot calls,” texts and / or emails

  • Transformative Goal Creation:

    A unique, mindset-based framework to help you define, create & achieve your career goals

  • Transformative Time Management:

    A step-by-step system to help you get more done & create more time for yourself

  • Daily mindset practices, strategies, tools & resources

What to Expect from Working Together

After Just One Session

  • You feel more relaxed and at ease on the job
  • You feel clearer about your future
  • You feel more in control of your time (and you start valuing it more)
  • You stop selling yourself short
  • You beat yourself up less for mistakes
  • You second-guess your decisions less
  • You worry less about what others think

After Coaching Over Time

  • You feel confident and calm in any situation
  • You feel aligned and fulfilled in your career
  • Your schedule reflects the life you want (and you have so much more time)
  • You make the money you want
  • You love yourself through any mistake
  • You trust yourself completely when making decisions
  • You know anything is possible for you (and you know exactly how to create it)

The success you envision is possible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1:1 career & mindset coaching?

1:1 career and mindset coaching is a highly personalized, powerful process to accelerate your career growth and personal transformation.

We go deep: To make long-lasting, impactful changes in your career, you need to start believing, feeling and making decisions differently than you are right now. Unlike other types of career or executive coaching that focus only on changing what you’re doing (i.e. your actions) to reach your goals, we coach at a deeper level to explore how your beliefs, feelings and decision-making patterns (i.e. your mindset) impact what you’re able to achieve in your career. 

We focus on what’s possible: To create a future that’s different from your current reality, you need to shift your focus from right now to what’s possible. We get clear on the future you want and practice what you will need to think, feel and do to achieve it – because anything is possible and available to you.

We focus on YOU: You already have all the answers you need to create a career and future you’re madly in love with – you just need some help uncovering them. As your coach, I show how your mind works from a place of neutrality and compassion, point out blind spots and patterns that are holding you back from what you want and guide you through a process of questioning to uncover what you already know. My role is never to give you “career advice” or tell you what to do.

How do I know if 1:1 career & mindset coaching is right for me?

Two of the most common themes I hear from my clients before we start coaching are:

  • Feeling lost, stuck, unfulfilled, or out of alignment in their current career; and / or
  • Wanting to accelerate their career and personal growth to achieve their highest potential

If you are ready to go all-in on investing in yourself, are committed to your own growth and transformation, and are open to exploring new ways of thinking about yourself, your career, and your future, then 1:1 career & mindset coaching is the perfect fit for you.

When is the best time to start working with a 1:1 coach?

If the thought, “Yes - sounds like me,” popped into your head after reading the answer to the previous question, then the best time to start working with a 1:1 coach is right now.

1:1 career & mindset coaching is a commitment to you and your long-term success. The power of coaching is that we immediately start identifying the beliefs that are driving your feelings, decisions, and results – so you can start feeling clearer and more confident about your career and future in our very first session together.

How are 1:1 career & mindset coaching sessions structured?

1:1 career & mindset coaching consists of weekly sessions customized to guide you through a highly personalized, powerful process based on your unique goals and timelines. In order to reshape your beliefs, feelings, and decision-making patterns to achieve your goals, we balance coaching on the weekly challenges you face while also learning and practicing the tools, strategies, and frameworks you need to manage your career mindset in the long-term.

How is this type of coaching different from therapy / counseling?

Everyone has unique experiences with therapy / counseling, but coaching typically differs in two ways.

First, coaching does not treat trauma or medically diagnosed mental conditions. Though I often coach on managing overwhelm, anxiety, and stress on the job, coaching is not suited to serve as the primary tool to address medically diagnosed anxiety.

Second, coaching is focused on understanding your present and exploring your future growth and development vs. spending a significant amount of time re-hashing the past. This is because our thoughts and beliefs are current (even those thoughts and beliefs about past events).